Webpage of Bart Jacobs

Professor of Software Security and Correctness
Digital Security (DS) Group, Institute for Computing and Information Sciences,
Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Cyber Security Bachelor and Master

Nijmegen is the first university in the Netherlands to start a bachelor programme in Cyber Security, in sept. 2013. Find out more information (in Dutch) and consider joining! A Master in Cyber Security is jointly organised with the Technical University Eindhoven.


Research topics

My research concentrates on correctness and security properties of software. Other, related topics of interest are: logic, esp. for security, supported by theorem proving; identity and privacy management (see eg. the IRMA project on attribute-based authentication); cyber security and intelligence; societal aspects of computer security; specification and verification; semantics of programming, esp. for Java; smart cards, esp. Java cards; and also theoretical computer science (esp. coalgebras and quantum computing).

Research links

[picture of Bart Jacobs]
(photo by Anoek Bleumer)