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Preparing presentations for a conference

This page provides some advice for preparing your presentations for a conference, either in powerpoint, or pdf (made with latex or others). I originally wrote this page for the PODC 2004 and DISC 2004 conferences.

Using powerpoint directly

If you plan to send in a powerpoint presentation, to be run on the computer at the conference, please make sure that all the fonts you use are embedded in the powerpoint presentation you send. To achieve this go to
Tools -> Options -> Save tab
and check the "embed true type fonts" option. This may (or may not) solve all font/formatting issues known when running powerpoint presentations on a different computer than the one it was prepared on.

For extra safety, please consider to also convert the presentation to pdf (as explained below) and bring that version to PODC as well.

At the moment, the PC used at the conference runs Windows XP with Office XP. Make sure you save your file in a format that Office XP can read (especially an issue if you run Office 2003), and check that it works and looks ok.

From powerpoint to pdf

To make sure you don't have any problems with fonts and formatting, convert your powerpoint presentation to PDF. The PDF file can be presented in full screen mode using Adove Acrobat Reader. Proceed as follows.

Using Acrobat distiller

If Acrobat distiller is installed, simply click the make pdf button on the PDFMaker toolbar (you may have to make this toolbar appear by left clicking an empty area on the visible toolbars and selecting it from the list of available toolbars).

Using ps2pdf

Another option is to use ps2pdf. This is part of the ghostscript package, and is found on all kinds of unix boxes. It is also available under windows, if you run the cygwin environment. If you run windows, you may prefer to remote login on unix account and do the conversion there, or ask a friend with such an account. Or try the on-line converter at www.ps2pdf.com.

In that case, do the following

Alternatively, instead of installing the Apple printer used above, you can install "MS Publisher Imagesetter" (it's in the "Generic" manufacturer category in the "Add Printer Wizzard"). According to Marc Shapiro, it is a much better choice: "MS Publisher Imagesetter" is a virtual printer type designed for this very purpose. The postscript files that this driver produces are much more portable; you will not need to change any settings (although when I experimented with this, I had to make the same settings as above. YMMV...)

Proceed to convert the resulting printer file to pdf as above.  

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